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Before you begin reading this blog post, let me introduce myself. I’m Gabrielle, founder of The Coffee Edit, where we provide social media solutions for specialty coffee brands.

Although this blog is targeted at helping specialty coffee roasters and cafes, the power of user-generated content is applicable to anyone running…

As I write this the Tasmanian Premier is announcing border closures for another three plus months. At least.

So with a trip planned for Christmas time, this state of events has me filled with hope and suspense that all the Covid dust will be settled by then. …

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If you’re a millennial who likes to brunch, you might remember the time we all copped a giant social media beating.

It was four years ago that well-meaning columnist Bernard Salt published a piece in The Weekend Australian titled, The Evils of a Hipster Cafe.

Salt was the first to…

Gabrielle Beth

Journalist and co-founder of small business & online coffee community: Origins Sourced. Writing topics include business, branding & brews.

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