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Hello! Before we get stuck in, let me introduce myself -

I’m Gabrielle. Journalist, digital marketer, and founder of The Coffee Edit.

The Coffee Edit was launched at the beginning of 2021 and provides social media solutions for coffee brands (the two best things combined!). However, I know that this post I’m about to write will be helpful and applicable to anybody who wants to grow their own brand. So if that’s you- welcome, and read on!

Say hello to one of the most googled questions by entrepreneurs.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Google is without a doubt the…

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because who better to create content that customers love, than customers themselves?

Before you begin reading this blog post, let me introduce myself. I’m Gabrielle, founder of The Coffee Edit, where we provide social media solutions for specialty coffee brands.

Although this blog is targeted at helping specialty coffee roasters and cafes, the power of user-generated content is applicable to anyone running and promoting their own business. So please, read on, and feel free to join the discussion below.

Who goes to an aesthetically-pleasing cafe these days and doesn’t take a photo?

It’s an action that’s so deeply ingrained in all of us, that sometimes we actively have to stop ourselves from…

From seed to sip, here’s the run-down

Over the course of our lives, we’re told many lies; storks deliver babies, crusts are good for you, Donald Trump will make America great again, and when ice cream trucks play Greensleeves, it means they’re all out of ice cream.

When it comes to coffee, the lines are often blurred between fact and fiction. If you’ve been a coffee drinker for any amount of time, you’ll be familiar with words like ‘sustainability’, ‘traceability’ and ‘transparency’, but these terms hold very little value if not clearly defined or taken seriously. After all, if everyone’s claims to be sustainable, is anyone really?

The new audio-only app that everyone’s going crazy over…

As digital marketers we have an innate kind of responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest social media platforms, which can be both exhausting and exciting.

Remember Instagram back in 2010? You could create a post, add ten hashtags and sit back as the notifications came streaming in with enough dopamine to fuel you through the next five hours.

The same thing is happening in 2021 with LinkedIn, TikTok, and now Clubhouse. While these apps are still on the rise, the potential for organic reach is unmatched: they’re attention gold mines. …

Let’s peep into the future.

Whether you’re a social media marketer or entrepreneur, jumping on trends before they’re hot is one way to ensure you’ll always have a competitive edge. But it can be tricky.

Trends come and go faster than Australian Prime Ministers and if you’re anything like me, far too often you won’t realise until they’ve already peaked. This gives you barely enough time to capitalise on a trend before Kmart swoops in and turns it into something tacky.

As someone who’s pretty new to the game I’ve been doing my fair share of research, and I’m here to share my most valuable…

Whatever business you’re in: be a content creator first.

Seth Godin, the Marketing Mastermind, has spoken. This bold statement of his is actually from a seminar back in 2008. But it’s never been more relevant.

It’s 2021 and the world we live in is littered with advertisements. For decades we’ve been fighting against anonymous phone calls, spammy emails, billboards, television ads, and the list goes on…

It’s estimated that we’re exposed to around 4,000–10,000 ads per day.

So with this saturation, it’s never been more crucial to go against the grain. Being the brightest and loudest will only get you so far, and frankly, it’s exhausting. …

I see opportunity right under your feet

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“I Want to be a Barista When I Grow Up” …Said No Kid Ever.

A few months ago my husband and I started a side project: Origins Sourced.

With the ultimate goal of turning it into a business one day, the idea for now is pretty simple. We connect with different people in the coffee industry and share their personal stories with our Instagram audience.

We’re just a few months into the game and we’ve built a small but dedicated community; We’ve connected with people locally and all over the world; And we’ve learnt a tonne about the industry.

But the more we grow, the more we feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Coffee nooks and nostalgia in a city called Hobart

As I write this the Tasmanian Premier is announcing border closures for another three plus months. At least.

So with a trip planned for Christmas time, this state of events has me filled with hope and suspense that all the Covid dust will be settled by then. But it isn’t likely.

In the meantime I’m feeling nostalgic thinking about the eight years I spent living there. Now it’s been three years since I left my island home to pursue bigger dreams in a bigger city, but I know Tasmania will always hold a special piece of my heart.

If you’ve…

What does it really take to buy your first house, and is it worth it?

Photo by Rachel Davis on Unsplash

If you’re a millennial who likes to brunch, you might remember the time we all copped a giant social media beating.

It was four years ago that well-meaning columnist Bernard Salt published a piece in The Weekend Australian titled, The Evils of a Hipster Cafe.

Salt was the first to boldly address a longstanding elephant in the room:

“I have seen young people order smashed avocado with crumbled feta on five grain toasted bread at $22 a pop and more. I can afford to eat this for lunch because I am middle-aged and have raised my family. But how can…

Take it from a Journalist who posts on Medium every single day.

Okay my phone’s away, coffee’s in front of me and I’m setting the timer… ready, set, go.

This is how I draft, write, edit and publish a story to Medium every single weekday.

Have I been doing this for a really long time? No. Do I have thousands of followers? Nope. Have I made $1K plus from this platform? Not even close.

So why should you follow my advice?

I’m a qualified journalist. And since challenging myself to write more regularly, I’ve published every single day.

Here’s how.

This one’s obvious but let’s get it out of the way. Your…

Gabrielle Beth

Journalist and co-founder of small business & online coffee community: Origins Sourced. Writing topics include business, branding & brews.

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